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1. All rules must be followed by everybody, This is a very important rule and it must be followed very strictly. You cannot say you are allowed to break a rule    
    simply because you made the rule or because you enforce the rules. 
    Rules are rules. Staff members that break this rule will face punishment.

2. Mic spam & Music or Any Sound Effect is not allowed.

3. Camping is not allowed.

4. Disrespecting players is not allowed.

5. Advertising/Links is not allowed.

6. Spamming in the chat is not allowed.

7. Using bugs or glitches is not allowed.

8. Do not beg for Store/RPG credits.

9. Fake AFK-ING is not allowed.

10. Delaying is not allowed.

11. Don't scam (Trading on Own RISK)

12. Don't Savezone Rush.

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